Exercise to Lose Weight

With most people who are trying to lose weight tend to gravitate towards one or other of the popular diets in order to achieve their desired goals, the ones who will stand the best chance of achieving them in the long term are those who opt for exercise as their prime weight loss method. There are several reasons why this is so and we will take a look at them here in this article that focuses on exercise to lose weight.

exercise to lose weightThe main reason for exercising is to build muscle strength and stamina, which in turn improves the fitness levels of the body. It also causes the body to use more of the sugars that are present in the bloodstream to fuel those muscles both while they are working during exercise and also later while you sleep.

This is when the muscles go into repair and growth mode and while they are doing these things, they are also using energy which is supplied by the body in the form of blood sugars. The upshot of this is that when you exercise to lose weight, you get two shots at burning calories, which you have provided for your body when you eat and drink.

Exercise then, is a much more robust form of weight loss as it boosts the metabolism which is essential for burning more of the calories that are consumed. This is how it works.

How Does Exercise Burn Calories?

When you exercise, your muscles are made to work harder than when you are at rest. The level of difficulty in the exercises you perform directly relates to the amount of calories you can burn per session, although to cause your body to also burn a proportion of its store of fat, you must maintain a reasonable level of exercise for more than a set time, which is around twenty minutes for most people. It doesn't really matter what the specific form of exercise is, as long as it elevates your body's work rate sufficiently. I could be swimming, skipping or even just walking at a decent pace as long as you can feel you are working hard.

When you eat carbohydrates, or foods containing fats or sugars or drink sugary drinks, your body breaks down what it consumes into usable sugars such as glucose. These sugars are dissolved in the blood and carried to the muscles of the body to provide fuel for them to work. Even when we are at rest, there are muscles that still demand fuel, such as the heart, muscles responsible for digestion, elimination, breathing etc. But when we exercise, we demand much more of this fuel.

For the first twenty minutes or so of sustained exercise, that fuel is delivered to the muscles direct from the sugars already present in the blood stream. After this time, the level of sugars is depleted to such an extent that the body is forced to continue providing the fuel the muscles need to continue working. This is sourced from the body's store of fat, which is converted into usable sugars and sent to the muscles via the blood stream.

You can see then, that by maintaining a constant level of moderately strenuous exercise for more than twenty minutes means that you are burning fat from your body's store. The longer you can keep that up, the more fat you will burn. Be aware that this is a slow process and it will take several days of this sustained exercise to start to notice a difference in your body. Real results are seen over several weeks.

Also, your weight will probably not reduce by very much to begin with. This is because while you may be burning fat, you are also building muscle tissue, which weighs more than fat by volume. What you will notice is that your body starts to firm up and take on that toned, fitter look. You will look better as time goes by until you will have eliminated most of your body fat and will have a very fit, healthy, slim look that you will very proud of!

This is the desired end result that most people that want to lose weight are working towards in any case. Unfortunately, they don't realize that merely going on a calorie restrictive diet is not enough as the body will not look toned unless you do some exercise to make it so.

Exercising is therefore the best way to get a great looking body and when its combined with a healthy diet that includes all the necessary nutrients that your body needs, then you will get a great looking body that is healthy as well. The best part of all is that you get your weight loss along with a much improved level of health that you can maintain in the long term simply by making exercise a part of your daily routine.

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