Skipping for Weight Loss

As far as one of the better weight loss exercise forms you can do, skipping is a great one. This form of exercise is simple to do and also fun, which makes it a much easier thing to do and to want to do.

skipping for weight lossA big part of losing weight is sticking to your preferred means of achieving the results you desire, so by choosing methods that you will find enjoyable is really a big part of the success equation. So let's take a brief look at how skipping can make a great way of losing some weight while improving your overall physical fitness levels too.

Most of us started out with this form of exercise at school in the playground. There would often be a long skipping rope being turned by two children, a child at each end, while others would line up to take their turn to see how many times they could jump over the rope before they got their legs tangled in it or the tripped over. Some were better than others at this type of exercise and there was always the school show off who could stay hopping away for hours on end, much to the annoyance of the rest of the mere mortals who were forced to wait their turn.

As adults, skipping can still be a fun way to get some much needed cardiovascular exercise. Because it involves not just physical exertion but also hand and feel coordination, this is an excellent way to improve your balance and physical motor skills as well as endurance and stamina. It is also good for building up the leg and arm muscles along with the torso. So you can see that many muscle groups get worked during the act of skipping. This is important as a way of working a greater number of muscles to burn more fuel and subsequently burn more stored fat.

When this level of activity can be maintained for more than twenty minutes, as described in the main Exercise to Lose Weight article here on this site, you will also start burning fat and causing your weight to be reduced over a period of time. Once you get past the magic 20 minutes, your skipping will be causing your body to be using your store of fat and that will lead to a reduction of your weight over time. This is an excellent way of doing this and a lot of people find it much more easy to do than going to the gym every day.

Skipping for weight loss can be done on a daily basis as a warm up exercise for a more intense workout. Or it can be done on its own as a fun way of getting fit, losing some weight and improving your health, physical appearance and posture all together in one great exercise form.

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