Walking for Weight Loss

One of the simplest of all exercises that you can do for helping you to lose some of the extra weight is to get out of the house into the fresh air and walk! It may seem unbelievable to many people but that simple activity that we all have to do in order to get where we're going can also be turned into a fat burning, weight dropping exercise that really works and can produce some really quite incredible results.

walking for weight lossThey are so incredible because they are unexpected, but they need not be as it is all very common sense and this article will explain how and why walking can really help you to get to where you are going in your weight loss strategy.

Walking is Exercise!

When most people walk normally, they tend to stroll along at a leisurely pace or even to shuffle along at an annoyingly slow pace. At least it is annoying for people who would rather be walking faster especially if they have to be somewhere and are blocked on a busy sidewalk by slow moving shufflers and strollers. The best way to turn this undisciplined amble into a powerful exercise method is to change gears and walk faster. But not just to walk faster, although this is the main part of it, but also with purpose.

When you walk with purpose, you change the whole dynamics of what you are doing from a humdrum, mundane action into a determined, motivation charged activity.

The best way to go about this is to find some quiet streets or better still a large open park or recreation ground and use this as your walking track. If you can include some hilly streets or pathways in the mix, then it is better still. Your planned walk should last for no less than 20 minutes and it is much better if it is longer than that. An hour walking at an elevated pace up and down hills is optimum, if you have the stamina.

How Does Walking Lose Weight?

You will need stamina because you will find that this once believed simple act can turn into a real cardio workout but at a much reduced level of exertion as those you would do in a gym or aerobics class. But you can build up to that hour by starting with a 20 minute plus walk and each day, going a little further for a little longer until you can easily keep going for that hour.

It goes back to what was explained in the Exercise to Lose Weight article published here about exercising for more than 20 minutes to get the body into a fat burning mode. Well, walking with purpose becomes a cardio vascular exercise because you are pushing yourself harder than normal and this raises your heartbeat, breathing and muscle work rate making you perspire along with it. These are all good signs that you are doing it right.

By making walking with purpose on a daily basis a part of your weight loss strategy, combining it with a healthy diet, you will see your weight reduce as a result, while your body gets fitter and more toned to look and feel great.

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