Simple Ways to Lose Weight

There are several really simple things that you can employ to help you lose weight. The basis behind this reasoning is that losing weight should be kept simple and made as enjoyable as it possibly can be. The reason for that is that the more you make a thing simple to do, the easier it is to do it and the greater the likelihood you will keep doing it.

So this article won't be looking at any special exercise routines or newfangled diet plans, but it will just focus on the simple things that just about anyone can do to help them lose those excess pounds and keep them off.

What Are You Drinking?

First of all, take a long hard look at what you drink in an average day. Does it include cans of soda, flavored juices, sports drinks, beer or other alcoholic beverages, tea or coffee that you add sugar to etc? If it does, then you may be able to make a simple switch and save yourself a ton of empty calories every day.

Soda is the prime suspect when people get overweight while eating a pretty healthy diet of food. Soda contains high levels of sugar and other artificial additives that make it an unhealthy way to quench your thirst. Even diet soda is bad because the artificial sweetener in it (usually aspartame) has been found to stimulate hunger, making you want to eat unhealthy snacks.

It has also been linked with cancer, so you really want to avoid anything with artificial sweeteners in.

Flavored juices and sports drinks also contain lots of artificial additives (some contain aspartame -- see above) or they contain sugar and just load you up with empty calories.

Beer, spirits mixed with juices or soda or wine mixed with lemonade or something similar all contain a lot of calories. Alcohol lowers resistance to temptation, so you will be more tempted to tuck into a packet of potato chips or some other high calorie snack and load on even more calories that way.

Tea or coffee sweetened with sugar will also load on more empty calories. If you also add cream, you are loading on even more calories as well as saturated fats.

The Easy Solutions

Substitute all cold drinks for plain, non-carbonated water (bottled if you prefer). This is so good for you, words cannot begin to describe it. Water hydrates and refreshes you, keeping your digestion working smoothly and helping to eliminate constipation and other digestive problems.

If you must have an alcoholic drink, make it red wine and then only a glass or tow a day max. Red wine at least contains some health benefits like antioxidants to help you fight cancer.

Learn to love drinking tea and coffee without sugar or cream. With tea, you can add a little skimmed milk to take the taste of tannin away as that is very low in fats and calories. Green tea is the best of them all and is best drunk plain. These beverages have some health benefits when drunk plain, plus they contain caffeine that helps boost your metabolism.

There are more great and simple ways in which you can lose weight. I will be looking at them in future articles that will contain more basic tips for losing weight that just about anyone can do to help themselves to turn their lives around in the simplest ways possible.

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