Do These Weight Loss Pills Actually Work?

I get asked the above question often, and in all cases a correct answer would require doing proper laboratory testing for the supplement to find out whether it has any active ingredients in it, then do further investigation on whether these ingredients produce results in a similar situation where the person asking the question is currently. Our bodies are not that different in the beginning, but it is the environment where we live, the food choices we make, the stress we put the body under that make up the current situation of our system.

Someone would get great help from just using a fish oil supplement, but on the other hand another person would not get the same benefit from that, but they would have to use carnitine with the product to get the same results.

Both of the supplements I mentioned above are not something that people think are efficient weight loss supplements, but when they are used correctly they can be very efficient. Fish oil is actually one of the supplements that really work on almost anyone because anyone who needs to reduce their stores of fatty cells is pre diabetic - meaning that they have high insulin resistance - and they are storing too much fatty cells and not burning enough of the stored fat.

In studies, oil from fish has been shown to activate genes in our DNA which not only burn fat, but make your body store less of it. The problem with most people is that the enzymes which are required for the activation of these genes do not activate unless a large amount of this oil is used, or it is combined with a carnitine supplement.

Carnitine is an important amino acid, and it can be very effective in boosting your energy levels, metabolic rate and also help fish oil work better. But like has already been said above, for some people fish oil works just as well on its own, just as it works for some people with carnitine.

Our body is a whole, and a holistic approach is always needed to achieve permanent results in weight loss, and a body composition which is considered ideal. Just by trying to starve the body while doing a lot of physical activity, you can force some fat to be burnt, but if you don't get your system in a balance, you are not going to get permanent results - almost all people who lose weight will eventually gain it back!

This is just one example of a large amount of similar scenarios.

Fat Binders

A popular type of supplement for reducing body size these days are the fat binders, which prevent fats from food being absorbed. These will work wonders for people who have enough healthy fats in their system - such as omega-3 fatty acids - and have a too high content of fats in their diets, but on the other hand for someone who is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, and already eats a low fat diet, having a fat blocker in your supplement protocol will actually do you more harm than good.

A balance is usually achieved by eating a healthy and variant diet in moderation, and using supplementation to correct the deficiencies one has. The most important thing though, is not to try to hurry to get results!

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